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For an iPhone user whose life is on the way, PDF Reader is a must-have application. However, there is no decent PDF viewers preinstalled on iPhone and hunting for the best free PDF readers is a challenge because there aren’t too many that are truly free and don’t require an eventual upgrade. Moreover, what they require is more than simply reading PDF documents for most business people. Here we would recommend 4 free PDF viewers for iPhone with excellent capabilities in reading PDFs that are enjoying wide popularity.

1. Adobe Reader

As a trusted leader in PDF industry, Adobe Reader has made its way over to iOS. Adobe Reader for iPhone provides flexiable options for users to view PDFs. For example, you can easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view. You can also go to any page by tapping the page number or use bookmarks to jump directly to a section in your PDF document. More information as follows:


  • View PDF documents
  • Search text to find specific information
  • Select single page or continuous scroll modes
  • Zoom in on text or images for a closer view
  • Provide Night Mode for reading in dark locations
  • Use bookmarks to jump directly to a section in PDF document
  • Tap on links in a PDF to open linked web pages
  • Highlight, underline, add comments anywhere in your PDF
  • Fill out and signPDF forms
  • Email PDFs as attachments
  • Rename, copy, delete or create folders to manage PDF documents

2. iBooks

With Apple's iBooks, PDF support is front and center. When PDFs are added through iTunes, or through App file sharing, a separate book shelf is added for PDFs. The reading experience is quite enjoyable. If you are the type who likes to keep all of your reading content in one place, you will be pleased with the free iBooks.


  • View PDF and EPUB documents
  • Download books from iBooks Store
  • Highlight and add notes with built-in bookmarking features
  • Choose from seven beautiful fonts, three easy-to-read page colors, and three useful page layouts—including Book, Full Screen, and Scroll
  • Renders text written in 18 different languages
  • Find a word, character, or phrase anywhere in your book with the built-in search feature
  • Adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting for any environment
  • Add PDF documents from Mail to your iBooks PDF Collection
  • Some PDF documents may not be compatible with iBooks

System Requirements:Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


3. Foxit Mobile PDF

Foxit Mobile PDF for iOS maintains a similar user experience from desktops to mobile devices. It is more than a simple PDF viewer. Indeed it is a PDF reader application with advanced editing features.


  • View PDF documents
  • Page slider, scroll to certain page of a file
  • Flexible page viewing options (single page, continuous, or thumbnail)
  • Reflow page with or without image (iPhone)
  • Annotate PDF documents using Line/Arrow/Circle/Highlight/Pencil
  • Add and edit notes, signature and bookmarks. It is worth noting that all the comments and annotations are compatible with any PDF reader.
  • Select text to copy to clipboard and highlight with different annotations.
  • Support dictionary (iOS5)
  • Encrypt document using user or owner password.
  • Recorder page in thumbnail view
  • Remove page in PDF document

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

foxit mobile pdf

4. FileApp (Documents & Files Reader)

File App is more a file manager than a PDF reader. The application reads many files types such as PDF, Office documents and plays multimedia contents.


  • View PDF and Office documents
  • Create and edit text files (.txt, .html, .xml … )
  • Send documents via email attachments
  • Take pictures within FileApp
  • File encryption with iOS Data Protection
  • Allows to "Open In..." compatible app (Pages, Numbers, iBooks...)
  • USB file transfer to Mac and PC using iTunes File Sharing

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Even though File App is a free application, it has some limits when compared to its Pro. vesrion. For example, you can only edit PDF documents with annotation, edition, comments and bookmarks in the pro version.


Although it is hard to find a free and practical PDF viewer for iPhone, the four applications mentioned above will enable you to read PDF smoonthly. It is of great convenience to have a multi-funtional PDF reader installed.

Extra Recommendation

If you are searching for a way to convert PDF to EPUB or any other format, PDFMate PDF Converter Free, a totally free program, must be your first choice. Highlights:

  • Convert PDF to Word, Text, EPUB, Image, HTML, SWF;
  • Merge PDF files with high speed and precision;
  • Set password and permission for opening, copying or editing PDF files;
  • Personalize output path with customization settings;
  • Provide free technical support and excellent customer service.

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