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1. I want a pdf to image converter ,Would you good enough to tell me a website that provides PDF converter witch is powerful and easy to use.

2. I have been looking online for a "Free" PDF converter program. I have some pretty important documents to email out to potential clients, and this is the stoppage in my process. Can you recommend any free programs. I will be looking on today?

Converting PDF files is nothing out of the ordinary. There are plenty of PDF Convert Software online on the market for PDF solutions. Here is a review on best 4 of them, which may help users to choose the proper one.

1. Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0 - $499.00

Adobe Acrobat X ProAdobe Acrobat X Pro focuses on everything related on PDF solution. It tops the competition in every area, and is considered the global standard in PDF software. While it is the most comprehensive PDF solution, it’s also the most expensive. You will have to weigh the price against your individual needs and the level of quality you are looking for. This is the most impressive convert PDF software, esp. when you want a professional PDF tool to achieve all types of PDF conversion and editing. Adobe Acrobat X Pro is an all-in-one convert PDF software solution for a myriad of users, from individuals to collaborative work groups and large organizations. Acrobat supports the needs of businesses, government entities, legal offices, educators and IT professionals, as well as single users. While it is designed to provide what every user may need, you need to decide if how much a convert PDF software solution is worth to you.


A wide variety of tools and features can help users create excellent and appealing PDFs and PDF presentations.


Doesn’t support all file formats, such as Apple’s Pages word processing program.

Too expensive.

2. PDF Converter Professional 7 - $99.99

PDF Converter Professional 7 is designed specifically for Windows operating systems, however, it does have a Mac solution - PDF converter for Mac. Both applications are efficient and easy to use for creating PDF files, combining multiple files into one, editing PDF files and file conversions. PDF Converter Professional is well designed and with intuitive program interface. It is rich in ability and will be able to perform the majority, if not all of the functions you are in need of.  For the budget-conscious, this may be the right convert PDF software solution because you get numerous tools and features for a very competitive price.


Provides more features and tools than almost every other application available.


Lacks the ability to embed audio and video files into a document.


3. Nitro Pro 7 - $119.99

Nitro Pro 7 is a top-notch convert PDF software solution that's priced right and easier to use than ever. It has excellent software design and capabilities. Its speed, performance and high-quality results offset the lack of support for multimedia embedding. You may get the majority of the features and tools available in more-expensive applications, but Nitro Pro 7 is easy on your wallet. Because it uses less hard drive space and RAM than competing products do, it's easier on your computer too.


Works quickly, makes editing easy and includes ideal security options.


Doesn't offer a way to embed audio and video files.

4. PDFMate Free PDF Converter - Totally FREE!

PDFMate Free PDF Converter is a 100% free PDF converter which has a nice capability on outputting EPUB eBooks, Text, HTML files, common JPG image files, and SWF from original PDF file. Like other PDF converter, it also supports batch conversion to convert unlimited files to other format of files. Moreover, it can handle well with multiple-column PDF which enables users to turn columns of content into logic and tidy paragraghs. There are two also options for customizing output, you can choose to convert all from the original PDF files or extract specifc content. The interface is very simple and easy to understand for every common users. To any novice of PDF conversion, this Free PDF Convert Software is the right one for simple PDF conversion.

Convert PDF to Text


Easy to use; simple and clear program interface; convert precisely when outputting EPUB eBooks, Text files, and JPG images from PDF files.

100% Free.


Doesn't output Word documents, which is essential for the majority of PDF users.


From above we can see that there is no "best of all" PDF converter, but "most proper" PDF Convert software for detailed usage. If you want to make full use of your PDF file and need a comprehensive PDF tool for PDF conversion, editing, and PDF creating, you can use some professional one like PDF Converter Professional 7 and even Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10.0. If you only need a PDF conversion tool for simple usage such as getting editable text files ot HTML files, EPUB eBooks for reading on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones, you can choose the simple and FREE tool like PDFMate Free PDF Converter.


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