How to Read PDF in FBReader eBook Reader?


Convert PDF to Text/EPUB FBReader for eBook Reading


What is FBReader: FBReader is a free and open source e-book reader for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms. Currently, it mostly runs on many mobile devices, like the Nokia Internet Tablets, as well as desktop computers. For people who use Android Mobile Phone, it is probably to have FBReader eBook Reader or Aldiko eBook Reader installed to read eBooks.

FBReader eBook Reader App

FBReader Supported eBook Foramts: EPUB, FictionBook, plucker, PalmDoc, zTxt, TCR, CHM, RTF, OEB, non-DRM'ed mobipocket (mobi), and plain-text. PDF format is not supported, but there is way to read PDF in FBReader.

Some Freatures of FBReader eBook Reader: It is available for multiple languages. The supported language of FBReader is up to 16 languages and it provides several popular English, French, Russian, Chinese and Polish libraries. FBReader is fast and highly customizable. You are free to use external TrueType/OpenType fonts to adjust the reading effect. There is a browser/downloader for network e-book catalogs/stores in FBreader which helps to get more eBook to read. Custom OPDS catalogs are supported too.


Read PDF in FBReader: FBReader is not a PDF FBReader as it doesn't support PDF format, so you can not read PDF in FBReader directly. But it does not mean you can't read PDF in FBReader. By converting PDF to the format that FBReader supports, such as EPUB and text (For example: convert PDF to EPUB) you could enjoy PDF eBook in FBReader as well.

PDF FBReader Converter Requirement: Here recommend PDFMate Free PDF Converter to convert PDF to Text/EPUB for reading PDF in FBReader. It is recommended to convert PDF to EPUB with PDFMate FBReader PDF Converter, as EPUB is the most popular eBook format for reading eBooks on eBook reader.

Free Download PDF to Stanza Converter

Convert PDF to FBReader eBook Reader with PDFMate


Step 1. Add PDF files: Both single PDF and batch PDF added are supported.

Step 2. Choose Output Format: Select "EPUB" as output format.

Step 3. Start Converion: press "Convert" botton to start conversion .

You may take a view of PDFMate free PDF to EPUB converter here: Screenshot image

Use Mac? You can also convert PDF to FBReader EPUB with Mac PDFMate PDF Converter

Comparison of Some Popular e-book Formats


The .epub format is an open standard for e-books created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is rapidly gaining popularity and as of 2011 is the most widely supported vendor-independent XML-based e-book format. The format can be read at least by the Kobo eReader, Blackberry Playbook, Apple's iBooks app running on iOS devices, Sony Reader, BeBook and many more.

2. FictionBook (Fb2)

FictionBook is a popular XML-based e-book format, supported by free readers such as FBReader, Bebook, Haali Reader and STDU Viewer.

3. iBook (Apple)

With the free iBooks Author epub layout software, Apple Inc. created the proprietary format, IBA. It is based on the epub standard, with slightly different CSS tags, thus making it incompatible with the epub open standard. Books created with it may only be distributed through the iTunes Bookstore.

4. Hypertext Markup Language

HTML is the markup language used for most web pages. E-books using HTML can be read using a Web browser. The specifications for the format are available without charge from the W3C. HTML adds specially marked meta-elements to otherwise plain text encoded using character sets like ASCII or UTF-8.

5. Archos Diffusion

The AEH format is an XML-based proprietary format developed by the French firm Archos Diffusion. AEH files use a proprietary DRM and encryption method and are readable only in the Archos Player. It supports various input formats for text, audio or video, such as PDF, WMA, MP3, WMV, and allows multiple interactive functions such as bookmarking, advanced plain-text searching, dynamic text highlighting, etc..

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