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I believe that there are moments in our work lives when we need to convert PDF to Microsfot Word file for different reasons. When you input PDF to Word Convert in your search engine you will find considerable programs are in list. Now you are faced with another problem. That is how to select a free but reliable one.

All of the programs can be classified into two groups: online conversion service and desktop programs. If you have tried out online converters you must know that it is not a long-term solution because there are lots of limits. For exmple, a limit of file size, requirement of leaving your email address and uploading a PDF file which may contain personal information. All of these indicate that free desktop program is a better choice. This posting will present a number of different ways to do this featuring the highest quality and without any watermarks or restrictions.

Mac PDF to Word Converters Review
Best 3 Free PDF Editors

1. PDFMate Free PDF Converter

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Cnet rating

You can get the full version of PDFMate Free PDF Converter from the official webiste at the link. This program is very competent and performed an excellent job. More information as follows:

PDFMate Free PDF Converter

Accuracy: Good treatment of the different elements all around (tables/formatting, images).


Excellent handling images, and formatting, even for complicated documents and forms.

Conduct conversion with a very fast speed and support batch conversion and multiple languages.

Convert PDF to other formats such as Image/ EPUB/ HTML/ Text/ SWF and can be used as PDF encrypter and PDF Merger.

Weakness: Only convert to Word07 (*.docx) file.

OCR Support: Yes. (3-page limit)

Overview: This is an excellent PDF to Word converter, for both simple and complicated documents. If a desktop-based converted is what you want this is definitively the one to go for.

CNet Editor's Rating: 4-Star Excellent.

2. Free PDF to Word Converter from SmartSoft

Recommendation Index: ★★★★☆

Softonic Rating

A free, fully functional desktop-based PDF to Word program that produces good (but not excellent) results. Featuring a small preview window, you can have a look at the PDF file you are about to convert. More information as follows:

Free PDF to Word Converter

Accuracy: Generally the converted documents look like the original, although it is not optimized for user-friendly editing, and some elements in complicated documents (such as the trade brochure we converted) might be off.


Conduct a general good conversion from PDF to Word with a simple interface.

Weaknesses: According to the program's documentation, you can convert more than one file at the same time, but this feature didn't work.

Text is handled via floating windows, without a continuous editable stream, which makes editing large documents cumbersome.

OCR Support: None. Click here to know more about free OCR tools.

Overview: It gets the job done but does not handle complicated documents very well. Good choice for occasional use.

Softonic Editor's Rating: 7/10 Good. Click here to read Softonic editor's review.

3. Free PDF Solutions PDF to Word

Recommendation Index: ★★★★☆

Cnet rating

A free PDF to Word converter with straigtforward interface and it is optimized for user-friendly editting. The program won't take up much hard-drive space.

Free PDF Solution PDF to Word

Accuracy: The layout of the original PDF files can be preserved in the converted files. However, the images are blurred in some cases.


It creates a compatible version for almost all word processor versions.

Batch conversion is supported.

Intuitive interface with fast conversion speed.

Weaknesses: Images conversion needs to be improved.

OCR Support: None.

Overveiw: A good choice for people to edit text PDF files. You can make your edits and then export the file back to PDF. It will still have all the colors, images, and graphs it had before your edits.

Cnet Editor's Rating: 3 and a half star. Very Good.

In any case, if you are wondering whether you can do good PDF to Word DOC conversion for free, you can take the above mentioned 3 best free PDF to Word Converters into consideration.

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