How to Transfer PDF Files to iPad, iPhone, and iPod?


Many ebooks now are in PDF format these days which is more convenient for people to read anytime and anywhere. If you have a lot of PDF files that you want to read on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, how do you put them on the your devices? Using the iTunes sync function, you can transfer PDF from your computer to your iPhone. However, free Syncios Ebooks Manager can offer you more easy solution to help you transfer your PDF files to your devices.

Here. we will take newest iPad Pro for example:


I. Download and install free Syncios Ebooks Manager on your computer.


transfer pdf to iPad

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Note: The latest version of iTunes must be installed on your computer before running Syncios Ebooks Manager. But you do not need to run iTunes when launching Syncios.


II. Connect your iPad to PC with USB and launch Syncios Ebooks Manager.


Once your devices connected, the information on your devices will be automatically scanned.

The user interface is divided into 4 sections: My Devices, Video Downloader, Online Resources, Toolkit. Click on My Devices, and on the left side you may find 5 tabs presented, Media, Photos, Ebook, Apps and Information.


III. Transfer PDF files from your computer to devices


Go to the left panel of Syncios Ebooks Manager, highlight Ebook tab, then you will find those options: Import, Export which enables you transfer PDF files between your iPhone & PC freely and easily! You can also backup all PDF files from iPhone to your local PC. If you have already have some PDF eBooks on your computer, you can transfer them to your iPhone.

Add PDF to iPad

If you have installed iBooks app on your devices, the PDF files will be automatically scanned by your iBooks app. Enjoy reading now!


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